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Duration: 30 Minutes

Tuesday, April 7 at 2pm ET

Enabling Data Protection for Remote Workers

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world. In adopting to this new reality, the fundamental tools we use to conduct business have changed. While the unknown around coronavirus is scary, we know your customers’ businesses can’t stop. Many have adopted new strategies to enable a remote workforce. 

With a distributed environment comes increased risk, and the need to protect data being created in new places. If your customers had been putting off BC/DR as “something that’s on the roadmap”, don’t let them wait until it’s too late.

In this edition of Unitrends Sales Tuesday, join a Unitrends specialist as we cover considerations for your customers’ IT preparedness and equip you with tools to meet customer needs such as:

  • Protecting data for mobile and remote workforces 
  • Managing security threats to edge devices
  • Resiliency when the data center is unreachable
  • Unitrends programs and promotions

One lucky attendee will win our $100 Amazon e-card prize! Reserve your seat today!

Sales Tuesday

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