Demystifying Software Compatibility Issues That Kill Recoveries

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Adam Marget

Technical Specialist, Unitrends 

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Thursday, October 10th, 2019 @ 11:00 AM ET

We know both manpower and budgetary limitations can prove prohibitive to backup and disaster recovery testing efforts. It’s not uncommon to see IT teams plan backup and data retention strategies without thoroughly mapping the dependencies and requirements needed for smooth recovery. Many are learning the hard way that failing to align backup plans with specific restore expectations can have devastating consequences.

In the second of our “Reasons Recoveries Fail” webinar series, we’re focusing in on some of the various software compatibility issues that can render data unrecoverable. Resolving this class of errors can be complex, requiring extensive troubleshooting to identify and fix the problem.

Join our Unitrends Engineer as we look at some of the common sources of these errors and discuss self-healing software to automatically detect, mediate, and resolve potential issues without manual intervention from IT.

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5 attendees will win a $100 Amazon Gift Card

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