Thursday, June 20 @ 2:00PM ET / 11:00AM PT

IT teams typically have robust BCDR strategies for the data they manage directly, whether that data is on-premises, on virtual servers, or in cold storage in the cloud. But the assumption that an organization’s SaaS data – like the data in Office 365 or G Suite – is sufficiently secured by the SaaS vendor can open the door to data loss.

Why? Even if a SaaS platform is highly secure, a SaaS provider cannot protect you from you. They must do what you tell them, whether the direction is in error, or the result of a malicious act or a programmatic error.

In this new webinar, Alex Courson, Cloud Data Protection Specialist, Unitrends will share key strategies to cut risk and improve your cloud and SaaS data protection now.


Closing the Gaps in SaaS and Cloud Data Protection

Thursday, June 20th, 2019 at 2:00PM ET / 11:00am PT

How big the risk might be

Common SaaS data loss scenarios

What native tools and retention policies can and can’t do

What to do NOW to improve your cloud-to-cloud backup approach

You’ll get the data you need to size the risk via industry analysts’ research findings, suitable for sharing with your leadership team.

There are many ways to lose data in a SaaS or cloud-based application, and this webinar will focus on those you’re likely to encounter.

Almost all SaaS applications provide some recovery tools; you’ll learn why these may not be enough for your RTO and RPO needs.

Close the gaps in your SaaS and cloud data protection strategies, by taking the right actions now.


Meet the Speaker.

Alex Courson, Cloud Data Protection Specialist


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