Small Business Backup Software For VMware Shops

Easy to deploy, simple to manage and priced 30% less than other solutions, vBE is the answer for data backup & protection. 

VMware Backup Essentials (vBE) is specifically designed for small businesses that need to backup their data and who are looking to protect up to six sockets of VMware Essentials without breaking the bank.

This all-in-one solution contains everything you need –backup software, intuitive interface, WAN optimization, cloud integration, and security - the same set of features used by large enterprises.

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It's Awesome

Backup software built for VMware admins like you. VMware administrators managing 6 sockets or less have few resources, time and energy  to devote to data protection and business recovery. It is about time that a backup vendor created a solution that recognizes the special requirements of SMB backup and recovery. 

Features like ransomware detection & advanced dedupe

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