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Unitrends Done Deal is an industry-first, providing MSPs leveraging Unitrends-based backup and disaster recovery solutions with a new paying customer – not just leads – to help them grow their business. This program can enable you to overcome the costly challenges of obtaining new customers, while simultaneously allowing you to move upstream by upselling a wider range of services to these mid-market clients. 

World's first program which

rewards MSPs with customers

(not leads!)

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“What Kaseya has created with the Unitrends Done Deal program is on par with what Google did for search... We get a qualified new customer on our roster without having to jump through the hoops of having to find that customer and close the deal. The program is already paying dividends for us and has even greater potential in the future.”

Why Done Deal?

» New ARR at your fingertips

» $0 cost to acquire a net new customer

» Enterprise tech, no upfront cost

» And that’s just the beginning!

How to qualify?

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» As you complete more Unitrends-based backup deployments you unlock more customer acquisition benefits.

» Receive a Done Deal customer upon your 5th appliance deployment

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Get access to online training, marketing material and best practices with Kaseya Powered Services upon your first appliance deployment.


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Deploy five Unitrends-based backup deployments and qualify for a Done Deal.


Watch the Leads Start to Flow

Unlock a Unitrends sponsorsed virtual lead generation event after fifteen appliance deployments (plus receive cool swag).


Close Deals with Qualified Prospects

Reap the rewards of a Unitrends sponsored "live" customer event with all leads funneling to you.


“The Unitrends Done Deal program is unlike anything I’ve ever come across in nearly 30 years in this business.  Every channel program promises leads, but most fall short. On top of that my team still has to work to close those deals. So there are no guarantees. Kaseya, on the other hand, is the first to ever provide its MSP partners with a signed, new customer, which translates into immediate revenue for our businesses. There is nothing else like this in the industry.”

Al Alper, President

Absolute Logic

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