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Unitrends ION Series Launch

ION Introduction

February 3rd - 1.30pm ET

Leveraging Desktop Backup: Defeating Datto

February 17th - 11am ET

Unitrends Xtra Monthly 

Unitrends Xtra Program Overview and Kaseya IT Complete

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Sales: Ransomware Recovery Toolkit

An interactive walkthrough through the Unitrends Ransomware Recovery Toolkit and what you can do to protect your data from ransomware.

Technical: How to overcome issues with Instant Recovery

Learn the nitty gritty of recovery assurance! From a tech perspective, all issues around instant recovery are addressed in this session.

Sales: How to Overcome Objections with Guest Interviews!

Our sales teams discuss how they handle questions from the field and overcome existing objections.  

Technical: 5 Tips for Eliminating Ransomware and Downtime

A deep dive into all things downtime, ransomware, and best practices to mitigate risks and issues around shut downs. 

Sales: Unified BCDR and the Unitrends Xtra program

Learn about the Unitrends Xtra program and how to position unified BCDR along with table setting the program as a whole!

Technical: Global File Search & Enhanced Application Protection

How Indexing helps with Global File Search, enhanced methods of application awareness & protection, and greater instant recovery options.

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