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Introducing the Unified Backup Portal for unparalleled visibility across all backup environments

Tuesday, May 12 at 11am ET

Duration: 30 Minutes

As we continue to create data outside of the traditional data center, new solutions are required to protect endpoints, SaaS applications, and more. Whether your customers are managing backups for workloads both on-prem and SaaS, managing 100’s of endpoints, or multiple appliances across many locations, they’re looking for a simple dashboard view of what’s most important in their world.

The launch of the Unified Backup Portal brings together the worlds of Unitrends, Spanning, and Unitrends Cloud Backup (UCB) in a elegant, unified portal. In this edition of Sales Tuesday, we’ll discuss the launch of UBP and how customers and service providers alike will benefit from:

  • Multiple integration points
  • Simplified dashboard views & alerts
  • Proactive Health status and warnings
  • Automated case opening & remediation
  • And more…

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Sales Tuesday

Public, Private, or Purpose-Built? Using Unitrends’ Cloud Integrations to Build a Complete Business Continuity Strategy

Thursday, May 21 at 2pm ET

Duration: 30 Minutes

Have you broached the cloud conversation with your customers? If it’s not one your having today, you should be - there’s been a 300% increase in the adoption of cloud platforms in the last 5 years and more than 80% of enterprises have already migrated at least one workload to cloud. Backup, archiving, and disaster recovery are repeatedly among top use-cases organizations site as they move services to cloud-based platforms. 

Unitrends supports flexibility and customization for your customer’s cloud environment, enabling the use of public, private, and our purpose-built Unitrends Forever Cloud. Join our specialist as we break down the advantages and use-cases of each cloud platform, and how you can help customers architect a complete data protection and continuity solution with Unitrends across a number of cloud environments.

One lucky attendee will win our $100 Amazon e-card prize! Reserve your seat today!

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