This BDR AssessmentTool Should Be inYour MSP Playbook

Properly sizing a client for a backup solution is critical,  especially with complex networks with many servers and workstations. Let the Unitrends BDR Assessment Tool do the heavy lifting. Co-developed by Unitrends and  RapidFire Tools, the BDR Assessment Tool enables you to conduct quick and thorough BDR-specific audits of business networks and provide data-driven recommendations for BDR solutions.

Let our assessment tooldo the heavy lifting.

Automate your backup assessments, produce

a fully co-brandable proposal in minutes, and

jumpstart your BDR customer acquisition.


The tool is amazing. I used it yesterday on a new client that was on the fence. I ran the tools and printed and bound 3 books worth of reports. We reviewed them with the prospect and they not only signed up immediately for a 1 year commitment of $20,000, they also purchased an upgraded firewall. Where has this been all my life?

Eric Munoz

President, Mutech Computer Services, Inc.


Less is More in Pursuit of Simplicity


I wanted the same thing from both Scale and Unitrends, to replace my existing product sprawl with a single, comprehensive, easy to manage solution.

Joseph Cavallaro

CIO at ARC Excess & Surplus, LLC.

Old World

New World


Unitrends is helping me save the day almost on a weekly basis. My most common request comes in the form of simple file recovery. Even just restoring something as simple as a single file, makes me a hero to most users...

...If I were to pick a single moment with a little more criticality, there was a time when I had an application server go down due to a bad update. The crash didn’t occur until a reboot happened. When the users saw that the server wasn’t coming up from a reboot, they called me. Since it was a VM and I was doing backups with Unitrends, all I had to do was rename the old/bad server in VMware and restore the one I had on the Recovery Series. I had that server online in about 15 minutes. The users were ecstatic.”

Eric Wesley

Sr. Network Administrator, Shentel


Unitrends is built on 30 years of innovating solutions to YOUR problems

We know that as an IT professional on a team with limited staff and a LOT of other responsibilities, you don't have the time, budget, resources, or risk tolerance to manage a complex backup environment.

Cut Management Time By 50%

With pre-integrated appliances, automated recovery testing, and a massive library of supported operating systems, applications, virtual machines, and devices, Unitrends converges your entire backup & recovery needs into a simple, all-in one solution.

Reduce Costs by 33%

From 2 TB to 120 TB and everything in between, there’s an appliance (physical or virtual) that fits your needs and budget. As your business grows, it’s simple to scale up, out, or to the cloud.

100% Confidence In Recovery

SLA policy automation proves recoverability AND compliance with your RPOs & RTOs. Define, analyze, and report with testing daily, weekly, monthy... up to you!


You & Your Bottomline AreGoing to Want This.

Your Journey to Success Starts Here

  • Spend 15 minutes with one of our BDR specialists to line up the right solution for your needs.
  • Try it free in your environment to prove that it works - download our virtual appliance and import it to your virtual network.
  • When you're ready, we're here to assist with fleet replacement. It's that simple.

Be the Hero of Your Own Story

  • Get started with no upfront hardware feeds
  • We'll help you guarantee recovery on your most critical applications.
  • Enjoy our industry unsurpassed 98% customer satisfaction rating.
  • Call 24/7/365 to reach our U.S. based support team for help with anything.


Prior to having Unitrends, our disaster recovery scenarios were no less than 6 hours. Now it’s 20 minutes. That means business never stops ... No other solution fit our budget.

Daniel Coffin

IT Director  Development Guild DDI

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