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SaaS email adoption is at an all time high, but so is your risk of data loss from cyber crime and clumsy employees. For a limited time, save 75% on backup for Microsoft 365 and G Suite.  Don't wait, back that SaaS up!

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For a limited time, save 75% off Microsoft 365 and G Suite backup licenses.

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“This service adds a considerable level of comfort to our migration to G-Suite. I’ve never trusted Google as a single point of failure, and there are way too many ways for an accident, virus, or disgruntled employee to wipe out a Google file system. We delayed utilization of Google’s Team Drives until Spanning announced support for them, and until I had tested by “accidentally” deleting and restoring gigabytes of data. So far, I’ve found Spanning to be robust, reliable, and reassuring. I wouldn’t Google without it!”

“How can you put a cost on the ability to restore a business-critical email for one of your executives within minutes? Spanning Backup for Office 365 has given me the peace of mind that we will always have the data we need at our fingertips.”

Todd Miller, Director of ITMillar, Inc.

Dean Willis, COOStrategar

Manage a Complex Backup Environment

Simplify Your Data Protection Strategy

Data is growing 33x faster than the internal IT staff being asked to manage it. Empower your team to focus on projects that boost your company's growth.

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