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Eliminate Ransomware,Data Loss and Downtime.

While cyber threats are increasing, we understand your budget is not. Eliminate the risk of ransomware, data loss, and downtime. Get free automated DR failover and failback orchestration for mission critical workloads. With one call, invisibly failover and run from the Unitrends Cloud - no matter the reason.

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Key Benefits

Take Control of Your Data Protection

Cut Management Time by 50%

Protect and recover all workloads with pre-integrated appliances, automated recovery testing, and more.

Reduce Costs by 33%

Excellent Customer Support

Reduce bandwidth utilization and cut capacity by 20:1 for secure byte-level data transmission.

Increase confidence with 24x7 US-based support with a 98% customer satisfaction rating.

Key Features

Secure, Protect, and RecoverYour Entire Environment

Automated DR Testing

Automatically test and certify your recovery objectives and SLAs ahead of time. Instantly detect and receive alerts on deviations.

Ransomware Detection

Identify anomalies and detect atypical behavior occurring in your data with our predictive analytics engine.

Instant Recovery

Get instant recovery for Windows, VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Unified Bare Metal Recovery.

Customizable Dashboard

Manage 1000s of backups with 2 clicks. Assign role-based access to backup files for secure self-service recovery.

Reporting & Documentation

Access reports and statistics to know how an outage would impact business continuity.

Data Management

Set custom backup and retention needed for compliance with HIPAA, SOX, GDPR, and other regulations in one step.


See What Our Customers Are Saying

"Our Recovery Series appliance saved us from ransomware attack by restoring all affected files from previous night's backup, completely voiding the issue."

“With Unitrends in place, I was able to recover from an incident in 20 minutes. We lost zero data. We didn’t have to pay a ransom."

Chris Thompson, IT Director PEACE, Inc

Jason Poulin, Executive IT Director Bristow Medical Center

Manage a Complex Backup Environment

Simplify Your Data Protection Strategy

Data is growing 33x faster than the internal IT staff being asked to manage it. Empower your team to focus on projects that boost your company's growth.

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